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The Energy Saver (ES) Card A Summary
  • The ES Card works using an Orgone based technology discovered in th 1940s by scientist Wilhelm Reich.
  • It saves up to30% on electrical bills by reducing waste energy.
  • It works best when it is positioned on the surface of the distribution box in close proximity to the incoming wires on the MAIN SWITCH and Circuit Breakers.
  • It works only on plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Used as instructed, there are no side-effects on electrical appliances.
  • It is good for two (2) years and needs to be replaced every two and half (2.5) years to deliver optimum results.
  • As long as any premise using electricity has a distribution box, waste energy can be reduced.
  • The Card is legal. However technical issues and legalities in each country have to be investigated as conditions may vary.
  • ES卡的工作原理是使用基于一个Orgone的技术在1940s年代被科学家威廉•赖希发现的。
  • 它可以节省30%的电费,减少能源浪费。
  • 当它被定位在接近到传入导线上的主开关和断路器的配电箱的表面上时可以达到最好的效果。
  • 只适用于塑料和金属表面。
  • 如使用方法正确,对电器有没有副作用。
  • 有效期达至两年,每兩年半需要更换以实现最佳的结果。
  • 只要任何使用电力的前提下有一个配电箱,可以减少能源浪费。
  • ES卡是合法的。然而,在每一个国家的技术问题和法律问题进行调查,条件可能会有所不同。